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Social Media Management can seem unimportant to a business trying to garner more customers, but quite the opposite is true. Did you know social media plays hand in hand with your search engine results? Particularly with Google Rankings, Google+ is a major factor when Googlebot calculates where your website places. A company with no Google+ activity or one not even having a certified page altogether can be a reason for poor search result positions on the most used engine in the game. Viral Appetite manages all of your Social Media for you. We keep your pages up to date, create accounts for the services you don't have, engage followers, get more likes, garner followers, keep your reputation up, and most importantly post consistently to keep it all running like a well oiled machine. Reviews on Yelp and Google+ play another key part in search rankings, getting calls, or receiving emails. Not to mention it's usually tough to get people to give you a review unless you're a critically acclaimed restaurant on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood. We will step in and solve that burden for you with budgets set to our customer's preference, and outreach goals. Our Social Media Services can coincide with our Web Page Management to get your online reputation and website rankings out performing competition seamlessly. With no hidden contract, long-term agreement, and the ease to cancel at anytime, we are sure our Social Media Marketing plans will increase exposure and grow your business.


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